Parking Management Services is a stand out in every way possible. They have been a huge asset to our team during their time with us at the Royal Sonesta Houston. PMS hasshown on a daily basis how phenomenal they are. Their level of customer service fit in incredibly well with our Sonesta standards. I highly recommend Parking Management Services.

Jeffrey Fuller General Manager

Houston, Texas

Chris Cantrell and Parking Management System have been at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess for four years, providing the hotel and clients with excellent service. Since employing Chris & PMS, we have greater service and minimal guest issues, including insurance claims.

Jack Miller General Manager

Scottsdale, Arizona 

Throughout my time at the hotel PMS did a fantastic job of staffing the valet and doorman operation. They always had a knack for finding the best talent to shine as the first impression of the Hyatt Regency Indianapolis. They consistently scored well on customer service surveys, and secret shops. If I had a choice, I would always welcome PMS into my operations.

Jeff Thompson Director of Rooms 

Indianapolis, Indiana 

I have had the pleasure to partner with PMS since February 2010 in Orlando and since July 2012 in San Antonio. My experience with them in both locations has been nothing short of spectacular. I use the word “partner” in the purest sense since it has always been clear that PMS genuinely shares the same responsibility to our guests. In San Antonio, the PMS professionals are frequently pointed out specifically by our guests as one of the best parts of their experience. Our Procurement Department at our Corporate Offices is working with them to make them the preferred parking partner for IHG.

Tony Johnson Regional Director of Operations/General Manager

San Antonio, Texas

They have been our parking vendor since 1999 and the hotel has been happy with them since then. P.M.S delivers on the service they promise. Being in the hospitality industry, Customer Service is our  #1 priority and P.M.S. knows how to deliver customer service. I have been pleased with their management, staff and service standards and would recommend them to other hotels and/or businesses in need of first class services.

Frank Phair General Manager

Atlanta, Georgia 

I am delighted to provide a personal and business reference for Mr. Tom Gigliotti, President of Parking Management Services. PMS has been a great partner here in New Orleans, consistently providing a high level of customer service. Tom has been very successful in nurturing long-term relationships, built on a commitment to understanding the customer’s needs and exceeding expectations. He is personally committed to supporting our Marriott brand standards throughout his operations and has an excellent record with regard to overall customer satisfaction.

Robert Bray General Manager

It is my pleasure to provide a personal and business reference to Thomas R. Gigliotti, Jr. and Parking Management Services, Inc. (“PMSI”). PMSI has been an excellent partner of Omni Hotels & Resorts for many years, consistently providing the highest level of customer service. Tom has successfully developed long-term relationships, built on a commitment to understanding the customers’ needs, and exceeding their expectations.

Gary B. Froeba Managing Director

Asheville, North Carolina 

PMSI has been an excellent partner of The New Orleans Hotel Collection for many years, consistently providing the highest level of customer service. As an added bonus, the PMSI business model has generated significant increased revenue for our properties.

Craig A. Hulford Area General Manager

New Orleans, Louisiana 

I would like to personally recommend Parking Management Services as a potential contractor for your hotel. PMS provides a seamless operation; our guests assume they are hotel employees and feel welcomed Into the hotel from the moment they valet. PMS is extremely efficient, reliable, good at communicating, and does well with large events. We have experienced no theft, low turnover, and very competitive rates. I strongly recommend PMS and am sure you will be extremely satisfied with their service if you award them your business.

Andrew Chippindall General Manager 

Scottsdale, Arizona

I was first introduced to Parking Management Services in 2007 in my role as Senior Director of Rooms for Hyatt Regency Houston and they were our valet parking operators. During my tenure, Parking Management Services exceeded my expectations. Parking Management Services’ hands-on inclusive approach to the daily operation included working managers and supervisors. Their business model also ensured that the location manager was financially invested in the site. This level of commitment was obvious at all levels of the operation. They exceeded my expectations for their role in the arrival and departure experiences of our guests and clients. Parking Management Services also proved to be good business partners. They were empathetic to the hotels’ business needs and understood the bigger picture. Based on our hotel size, prominence and strong local catering history, we were often host to many major events.

Ripton Melhado General Manager

Houston, Texas

I first began my professional associations with Parking Management Services (PMS) at the opening of Hotel Valley Ho in 2005. The valet staff at Hotel Valley Ho was year in and year out the highest scoring department in customer satisfaction. They all are trained to have a “get it done” mentality no matter what the request. The very, very few claims were handled quickly, efficiently and to the guest’s satisfaction with little to no need for the hotel to get involved. The service was so seamless that we commonly had Valley Ho employees surprised to find out that Chris and his team actually worked for PMS not Hotel Valley Ho. PMS genuinely cares about customer service.

Jeremy Dougherty Resort Manager 

Paradise Valley, Arizona 

I would highly recommend them as a Guest Service/Valet Parking Management team. Their follow-up, communication, and attention to detail are outstanding. The PMS team has a specific guest service culture that it rare in the valet parking industry. They have their own internal service standards that far surpass most other Four and Five Diamond service levels. Their unique meet and greet techniques have earned them extensive positive regards from both our overnight guests and catering guests. I feel that Parking Management Services would be a great asset to any company.

Ronen Aviram Director of Operations 

Dallas, Texas

Re: Recommendation Letter for Parking Management Services Currently, I am the Managing Director of the 1070 room Omni Hotel at CNN Center and I started working with Parking Management Services in 2005. I have only very positive things to say about my experience with PMS, their Senior Leadership, and their local city management. I have a very complicated parking operation here in Atlanta as we have only 350 parking spots for a 1070 room hotel. After working with PMS for the past 9 years at two of our hotels, I would highly recommend them based on my personal experience.

Scott Stuckey General Manager

Atlanta, Georgia

This letter of recommendation is for the impeccable work Parking Management Service has dedicated over the years in ensuring there product exceeds the expectations of its customers. The most impressive part of Parking Management Services is the positive customer reviews that was generated by the staff, what a great partner to have on your team they hire the best and have seen the training first hand (QUALITY).

Robert West Regional General Manager 

Indianapolis, Indiana 

The Parking Management team provided excellent service and efficient handling of our parking needs. Guests were always impressed by the prompt service and friendly greeting at their car on arrival and the prompt service anytime the valet team was called upon. I highly recommend them to fact, I am working to bring them to my current hotel.

Tom Pugh General Manager 

Chattanooga, Tennessee 

PMSI has been an excellent partner of HRI Lodging for many years, consistently providing the highest level of customer service. Tom is personally committed to supporting the brand standards of Hilton, Hilton Garden Inn and Hyatt, which has resulted in an excellent record with regard to overall customer satisfaction. As an added bonus, the PMSI business model has generated significant increased revenue for our properties. I wholeheartedly lend my support to Tom and his company.

Gary Gutierrez President

New Orleans, Louisiana 

The PMS team has always been communicative about challenges and provided solutions based on mutual need. They have answered every call, every email and addressed every concern I have had. They have done a solid job at treating my customers as if they were their customers. As such, it is my pleasure to provide my vote of confidence for Parking Management Services.

Harman M. Hall General Manager

Atlanta, Georgia 

I would like to take this opportunity to express my recommendation for Parking Management Services for any hotel/resort. PMS has been our partner at the Saguaro since opening November 2011. My personal experience with them has been nothing but positive since I started working at the Saguaro in November 2013. They are among the top performers in our guest satisfaction surveys and are frequently being praised for going above and beyond from our guests. PMS handles many responsibilities here from bell, valet, doorman, shuttle driver and concierge services. Overall, I strongly recommend PMS and am confident you will be pleased with the level of service they provide to your property and your guests. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or would like additional information.

Joe Iturri General Manager

Scottsdale, Arizona 

I personally can attest that PMS takes great pride in their colleagues. We appreciated their grooming, recruiting and training.PMS exceeded the below levels of:

  • Customer Service
  • Responsiveness to guest issues
  • Ability to handle large events and groups

Raymond Vermolen General Manager

Houston, Texas

As the Director of Leisure and Corporate Sales, I interact with a varied client base. From high profile corporate executives to weekend vacationers, one of the most consistent comments I receive is what an amazing job our valets do for our guests. They are the first and last impression of the hotel that our guests experience, and they more than deliver!

Jay Cedillo CTC Director of Leisure + Corporate Sales 

Scottsdale, Arizona 

Over the last 15 years, I have worked at seven different properties with Fairmont Hotels and Resorts worldwide and have been working with PMS in Scottsdale for the past two years. I must say that here at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess, Parking Management Services run the most complex valet operation but also give the best service that I have seen in my career. I strongly recommend PMS and feel their services will compliment any business with parking management needs.

Gerard Mauvis Director of Operations 

Scottsdale, Arizona 

PMS integrated flawlessly into our service culture. I couldn’t tell they were a contracted service, and most importantly our guests can’t tell. I often stop to think how PMS could have helped me at the Arizona Biltmore.

Jesse R. Dueñas CLSD Director of Loss Prevention & Loss Prevention

Scottsdale, Arizona