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Welcome to Parking Management Services

Parking Management Services is dedicated and committed to the success of each and every aspect of your parking operation. You can be confident that we will do whatever it takes to ensure a successful partnership with your hotel!

Excellence in Guest Service!

The valet service is the first guest service experience your hotel guests will encounter. Parking Management Services continually sets the industry standard for excellence in guest service, and consistently strives to provide an exceptional guest service experience.

Ensuring the Maximum in Revenues!

Parking Management Services has developed and refined the most efficient and streamlined company structure in the industry; to capture all existing revenues, while constantly improving our methods towards producing “new” revenues.


While the corporate parking giants use hospitality as part of their business, Parking Management Services clearly defines hospitality as its core business - not a sideline.


1. Aim High In Steering®
Looking further ahead than other drivers

2. Get The Big Picture®
Seeing more around you than other drivers

3. Keep Your Eyes Moving®
Being more aware than other drivers

4. Leave Yourself An Out®
Positioning in traffic better than other drivers

5. Make Sure They See You®
Making yourself more visible than other drivers


In addition to Safety and Service Delivery Training, every employee attends Guest Relations and Claims Handling Training. These two skill sets can save a guest or lose a guest forever. We regard all four of these training areas as key to delivering exceptional service.