Claims Handling

Training every employee to 
work with guest claims professionally

While Parking Management Services’ account base has grown tremendously, we continue to focus our operations on exceptional service delivery with strong and accurate revenue control and accounting policies.  We keep our company policies as simple as possible and emphasize relationship building so that we never become a cold and impersonal corporate operation. 

Our claims handling is another of our key result areas that sets us apart from our competitors.  Our employees understand that if an issue is not resolved with the utmost diplomacy, the result is an unhappy guest who will never return.  Parking Management Services works with the guest and the hotel or hospitality client to bring about a quick and fair resolution.  While our competitors will require guests to jump through their many corporate hoops, we resolve claims without red tape — in most cases, the same day the claim is made. 

  • Every employee is trained in assisting guests who need to file a claim.  This classroom training prepares the employee for every challenge or issue that a guest might have.  Our supervisors and managers are well qualified to work with the hotel and the guest to keep communication open and positive so that the claim can be resolved to the satisfaction of all involved.  When a claim needs to be paid, it is done immediately in the company accounting office, and the guest is made whole.

    The first and most important step to claims resolution is maintaining clear and concise communication between the guest and our hospitality client.  We handle all claims with absolute professionalism while showing empathy to the guest.  Furthermore, we understand that demonstrating a fair, knowledgeable and rapid response in all claims preserves our relationships with the guest and our hospitality client. 

    The Parking Management Services staff includes a hospitality industry veteran with decades of experience who focuses on bringing to the guest and our hospitality client the positive resolution we all expect.  Our streamlined process quickly brings any guest claim to a fair settlement, and we are ready to provide the remuneration necessary to clear the claim. 

    Our first goal is to avoid the need for a claim, and our effective training keeps our claims to sales ration minimal.  The following are some of key points of our effective process for claims resolution:
  • While many corporate giants as well as smaller companies will delay in communicating with the guest and the hospitality client, our first order of dealing with any claim is to immediately contact and work with all involved.
  • We will never send any guest claim to a bureaucratic corporate office that will slow the claim’s resolution to a grind.
  • Many companies outsource their claims.  We will never walk away from or pass a claim on to an outside entity that will not hold to our policy of immediate resolution.
  • No 800 numbers or call centers that confuse the guest when they have questions.  We work with your guests one on one — no outsourcing. 

Driven by Exceptional Hospitality Service Standards in Parking and Related Parking Services

  • Our company offices are kept small and efficient, with a focus on accuracy and accountability for all client accounts.  To ensure all accounting policies and government reporting of revenues are in compliance, our CFO is also a certified public accountant.  We have demonstrated our commitment to total accountability with each client through our record of excellence in revenue and cash controls.
  • Your account is backed by a company with strong financial security to deliver on every commitment made in our contracts.
  • Unlike many other companies, Parking Management Services invests in locations it operates through the purchase of major garages and parking facilities to accommodate its hotel and related hospitality accounts.
  • While the major parking companies seem to have lost touch with their accounts, all of Parking Management Services’ management remains personally involved in operations.  Our goal is to focus on retention of accounts.
  • While keeping abreast of emerging technology is vital to any business, we never urge a client to spend essential funds on nonessential technology.  Our competitors often oversell expensive technology that does not serve the needs of your operation.  Our mission is to deliver complete accountability at the best possible cost.
  • We want you to know us by speaking to our current clients.  We take great pride in our client relationships and will give you as many references as you may need to have the confidence to choose us as your parking services provider.