Claims Handling

Training every employee to 
work with guest claims professionally

While Parking Management Services’ account base has grown tremendously, we continue to focus our operations on exceptional service delivery with strong and accurate revenue control and accounting policies.  We keep our company policies as simple as possible and emphasize relationship building so that we never become a cold and impersonal corporate operation. 

Our claims handling is another of our key result areas that sets us apart from our competitors.  Our employees understand that if an issue is not resolved with the utmost diplomacy, the result is an unhappy guest who will never return.  Parking Management Services works with the guest and the hotel or hospitality client to bring about a quick and fair resolution.  While our competitors will require guests to jump through their many corporate hoops, we resolve claims without red tape — in most cases, the same day the claim is made. 

Driven by Exceptional Hospitality Service Standards in Parking and Related Parking Services