Garage and Self Parking Management

Parking Management Services takes great pride in the services delivered to our clients, and we are especially grateful for the complimentary and positive comments that come from all of our valued client relationships.  Whatever we commit to a client, you can be sure that we will deliver.  In the 14 states where we currently operate hotel valet parking and related services, we also operate or manage garages and parking lots associated with the hotels and hospitality properties. 

We are well aware that parking space for any hotel or related hospitality operation is essential to the success of that business.  Parking Management Services has secured garages and parking lots in all 14 states to accommodate the needs of its clients. 

Parking Management Services has secured long-term leases on garages and parking lots and has in various cases invested in the purchase of major real estate, garages, and parking lots.  Founder and CEO Tom Gigliotti is a strong advocate of simple, cost-effective technology that delivers the maximum control of costs and revenues.  It is this continued strategy that has built our solid growth and financial strength.

For you, we can deliver the very best of service and the very best at the bottom line.  The giant corporations or the smaller, less successful companies might attempt to put on a grand sales show to capture your account — go with the straightforward, tried and proven winner!  We want your account and will earn your trust as we build your profits.

Parking Management Services is a stand out in every way possible. They have been a huge asset to our team during their time with us at the Royal Sonesta Houston. PMS has shown on a daily basis how phenomenal they are. Their level of customer service fit in incredibly well with our Sonesta standards. I highly recommend Parking Management Services.

Jeffrey Fuller General Manager Houston, Texas