Safety Training

A key element of our safety training reminds employees that when we welcome a guest to a hotel, we take possession of their vehicle — a seemingly perfunctory task, but a car is the second most expensive investment that most families or individuals will ever purchase.  In many cases, the vehicle that the guest entrusts to us also contains valuable personal articles.  Safety training is a key element of our guest services.

The safety of our guests and employees is the greatest of our responsibilities, and our training covers the well-being of the employee and our guest assets, demonstrating to our clients that we are serious about every aspect of the delivery of an exceptional service product.  Safety is key to our operations and is an integral part of our continued employee training.

Smith System

The Smith System: Drive Different.  The Smith System has proven itself as the most effective custom training tool in the world.  The Smith5Keys™ is the basis of our safety training, creating consistent and lasting results.  Parking Management Services invests in the Smith System to insure the safety of its employees and guest assets. 

Smith 5 Keys

  1. Aim High In Steering ®
    Looking further ahead than other drivers
  2. Get The Big Picture ®
    Seeing more around you than other drivers
  3. Keep Your Eyes Moving ®
    Being more aware than other dirvers
  4. Leave Yourself An Out ®
    Positioning in traffic better than other drivers
  5. Make Sure They See You ®
    Making yourself more visible than other drivers

Driver Training is of great importance in any situation that requires our employees to operate a guest vehicle.  In some of our cities, employees must drive the guest vehicle as far as 4 to 10 blocks in order to secure the vehicle in the nearest garage.  Whether the distance is long or short, safety training is key to avoiding accidents that can cause personal injury and damage to vehicles. 

Smith 360

The first and only telematics solutions fully intergrated with on-road driver training

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The Smith System Training has reduced our guest claims significantly, in turn relieving stress on the employee, the hotel, the guest, and increasing the bottom line profit.  If you would like more information on The Smith System, see the Smith website at

In addition to the Smith Training, we also require each employee to repeat most training every three months and the more complex training every six months.  This includes training in emergency situations at all of our hotel locations, and we require that all employees attend the hotel or brand-specific training at the property where they are assigned.  Continual training keeps our employees confident in the delivery of service excellence and safety.