About Us

Established in 1989 by Thomas R. Gigliotti, Jr.

The history of Parking Management Services is one of continued success and growth.  Founded by Thomas R. Gigliotti Jr. in 1989, the company has expanded operations to over fourteen states and currently operates the hospitality parking operations of more than ninety-five major hotels across the country.  The company also provides other hospitality services to many of these hotel accounts, such as Bell, Door, Shuttle Transportation, Self Parking, Garage Management and much more.  Parking Management Services now employs over one-thousand employees and has reached revenues in excess of $90 million annually.  The mission of the company is delivering exceptional service and exceeding guest expectations.  While the company continues to add new hotels and related hospitality accounts, its founder keeps the company grounded in its roots.  Thomas “Tom” Gigliotti Jr. has remained fully engaged in the company’s operations, working with the employees in every capacity.  Rejecting the top-heavy corporate model, Tom remains committed to a small corporate structure and a strong focus on operations in each city. 

Tom started in the valet and parking business at the age of 17, and the years that followed have been both challenging and filled with success.  Because of his involvement in day-to-day operations, Tom understands his employees.  As a result, Tom’s business model has built dedication, commitment, loyalty, and continued success.  Each city where the company operates has a City Manager with equity ownership in that location’s operations.  In addition, Parking Management Services awards more bonus pay to its managers than many other companies in the industry.  We know that our people represent us both to our clients and their guests, and it is important that they are rewarded for their efforts. 

We are proud to deliver exceptional service through dedication to our valued hospitality accounts and their guests while continuing to remain mindful that our one-thousand-plus employees are our day-to-day representatives.